Design & Construct

We are proud to offer a ‘Bundled’ Design & Build (D&B) Service incorporating all the necessary steps required to move your new home renovation from your initial concept through to building and handover. ‘We can do it all’.

Main benefits include:

  • Direct contact with a dedicated Buildridge manager throughout the entire building process
  • Access to professional, highly qualified experienced personnel and building consultants, that utilise the latest cloud based construction software and 3D modelling.
  • Real time advice on cost saving, practical solutions and alternatives throughout the design and building phase
  • Introduction to innovative and environmentally friendly and sustainable building materials/products
  • Seamless resolution of design and construction constraints, issues & changes
  • A complete solution whereby all applications, approvals, reports and certificates are taken care of

On invitation one of our experienced and skilled Buildridge Staff Managers along with our Architect will meet you onsite to discuss and understand your initial thoughts, visions, ideas and project goals, which we will then formulate into the Project Design Brief which will be presented within our formal ‘Design & Build’ package fee proposal.

Throughout the D&B process we will offer alternative suggestions, strategies and practical solutions where possible to assist in keeping with your design and budget constraints, with the aim of delivering your dwelling on time and in accordance with the “Design Brief”.

Stage One : Site Survey & Design Brief

Upon approval of our Design & Build fee proposal we will arrange for the subject site to be surveyed as well as surrounding properties and the road reserve. Also during this process our qualified Architect will take note of and record all appropriate measurements and surrounding details in preparation to produce conceptual floor plans.

Following our formal research stage and prior to commencing works on the conceptual plans, we will spend time with you going through the initial design brief in further detail whilst at the same time discussing some design options that we have in mind for your home. This additional information gathered will provide us clarity to move forward onto step 2 – “Conceptual Design”.

Stage Two : Conceptual Design

At this stage and based on the information collected in step 1, we will produce 2-3 concept floor plans for your review. We will sit down and run through our design intentions whilst at the same time noting your feedback and providing alternative solutions where required.

You will then have the opportunity of taking away a set of these plans in order to review and consider them prior to moving onto step 3 – “Design & Development”.

Stage Three : Design & Development

Based on client approval and acceptance to proceed from the concept stage, we will make amendments to the plans as per your feedback and produce detailed scaled & dimensioned plans of the internal floor areas, external elevations and sections.

Towards the completion of this stage we will invite you to our office to deliver the design in 3D format. During this discussion we will be able to walk you through the model of your new home and make adjustments where required.

Stage Four : Development Application

We are now at a point whereby the design is 95% complete and we are moving forward to completion. During this time the shadow plans and statement of environmental effects together with any other forms/documents required to lodge the DA will be produced/obtained.

Also at this stage we will present the dwelling to you via our 3D Modelling software and make any minor adjustments as required to finalise the design.

Prior to the plans being lodged with council we will send them to our qualified estimator to provide a lump sum formal detailed quote. This information will enable you to provide instructions on whether or not you require us to incorporate any cost saving solutions in the final set of documents.

Stage Five : Construction Certificate

Post council Approval/DA Consent, we will begin the process of obtaining the Construction Certificate which is required before any works can commence on your new home.

This is a detailed and complex process whereby we will engage our Private Certifier, Structural Engineer, Hydraulic Engineer and other necessary consultants required to satisfy the requirements of the consent.

Stage Six : Construction Phase

Our Project Management team will prepare a construction programme and engage all necessary sub-contractors required to complete the build. We will also guide you through the process of selecting fixtures and fittings, providing details of our preferred suppliers.

Throughout the building phase of your new house we will have regular client meetings to both inform you of progress to date and guide you through the next stages. We will also provide assistance in relation to your obligations and answer any questions/queries you may have.

At certain milestones of the project our nominated certifier and engineers will inspect progress and provide certification of the works. We also encourage external input in an effort to minimising any disturbance to neighbouring residences, whilst preserving both the integrity of the build and our “BUILDRIDGE” brand.

When practical completion of your new house is reached, we will compile all the relevant documentation and certificates required to obtain the Occupation Certificate, which will form part of our customised Handover Manual issued to you upon possession of the finished house.

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