Tom Heneker

Senior Estimator

Tom Joined the Buildridge Constructions team in early 2014.

Tom is a trained and registered architect working in the residential and commercial industry. He also has spent time site managing residential and commercial projects as leading project manager.

Tom has a strong understanding of both architectural design and construction – both practical and administrative – providing a rare understanding and overview of both sides of project execution.

His knowledge & experience has allowed him to fill the role of Senior Estimator/Coordinator for Buildridge Constructions, utilising his ability to work within a design and construction budget, meeting project briefs and providing essential construction input.

Tom has assisted Buildridge with the development of many estimating solutions to best approach a project and provide early project budget indications, early design detailed estimating and full high-level estimating to provide Buildridge clients with the confidence and information essential in moving forward to the construction phase.

He builds strong relationships with his clients and understands the needs and expectations for each & every project.


Phone: (02) 9807 5307